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Welcome to Ten Commandments Georgia

Ten Commandments-Georgia, Inc is a non-profit, grassroots organization committed to the task of restoring a common moral code based upon The Ten Commandments and the founding philosophy of our country.

Our Mission

To reclaim our Godly heritage by displaying the Historical Documents of America's Law and Government in County Courthouses and Public Buildings statewide!

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Our Purpose

To return to the Biblical principles
of Life, Liberty, and Equal Justice
for all upon which our nation was founded!

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Our Goal

To restore moral order, as set forth in the Ten Commandments, by teaching our generation the Story of Liberty and the sacrifices required to preserve it for future generations!

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Governor Nathan Deal Signs Amended Historical Display Law

Yesterday afternoon (May 7, 2012) Georgia Governor Nathan Deal held a bill signing ceremony for HB 766. The new law amends a 2006 law that allowed the posting of 9 historical documents, including a copy of the Ten Commandments, in Courthouses. The new law allows “The Foundations of American Law & Government Display” to be posted in ‘all’ public buildings!

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Governor Nathan Deal Signs Amended Historical Display Law
(L-R: Mike Griffin, Sen Bill Heath, Rep Tommy Benton, Gov Nathan Deal, Jody Hice, Suzanne Hudgens and Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens)

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